You Really Can Get a Wet Basement Fixed

Our house was originally built in the 1980s. There was a problem with the foundation that was developing. Over the years water began to migrate into the concrete block. Then it started to get into the basement. I saw a trickle of water at a loose mortar joint after a rainstorm, and I plucked out the little piece of broken mortar. Well, water began to pour like a small fountain into the basement. Fortunately, there is a concrete floor and a drain. I got online looking at Stratum foundation repair reviews to see how they helped others fix a bad foundation.

We had to have that one wall completely replaced including the footer. It was not constructed correctly in the first place. The problem was the barrier coating put on the concrete block when it was built. It was insufficient. That one side of the house is always wetter after it rains. Putting in a drain system all around and a new water barrier outside made the basement dry. It was weird seeing the house dug up all the way around it. Now it has been backfilled and replanted. The new grade slopes away from the house too. It was flat to almost sloping toward the house on the wet side before.

The basement is bone dry now. We have been through a very wet season and no moisture or increase in humidity was found. We are now ready to finish the basement to use it as a living space. It does not have any radon either. We tested it for four seasons. It is suitable to make into a living area. We finally now have full use of our house. It used to be that we kept the basement empty of everything because of the moisture. Now it is clean and dry.

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