Working on a Small Side Project

The job I am taking on is not nearly so complicated as to need a real engineer, but it is definitely something where you need to do your homework and make sure that you know how to do a few things as well as an engineer would do them. The big thing that I am looking at now is an anchor bolt design spreadsheet since it is vitally important that the structure is sound and able to withstand the wind. In essence it is nothing more than an open shelter, but that is not going to matter when a really strong wind comes along. In fact it is going to be a lot more exposed to the wind than a normal structure, the wind is going to be able to get beneath it and lift it up. So you have to do what is necessary to make sure that you have the structure really connected to the ground.

I am thinking that we want to sink a good portion of the upright I beams into concrete. That way the roof is going to be connected to the ground in a really serious way. You want to have more than enough weight holding it down so it does not matter how hard the wind tries to lift up the roof. Of course then you have to make absolutely sure that you have numbers of really strong connections between the roof and the rest of the structure. It has to so that there are multiple points of failure that would all have to give before the roof went skyward. The building itself is designed so that we can do huge projects which you could never get out of the doors if you did them in a real structure. They basically have to go straight to a ship for transport.

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