Videos Made Easier with Selfie Sticks

My husband and I used to spend a lot of time helping each other make videos that we would post online, either on our website or on our personal social media sites. Sometimes, the videos would be for the business that we run together. Other times, the videos would be something silly we would do for our family and friends. When my husband decided to go on the road for a few weeks, I decided to get him a selfie stick so he would be able to continue making the videos that we had all come to enjoy.

When he is home, I am always able to help him with the videos. Being on the road meant he would be on his own, and he had no way of holding his phone and taking a good video without his arms looking awkward in it. With the selfie stick, he is able to attach his phone to one end. He can then hold the stick with one of his hands, and it looks completely natural. I am really glad that I did this,because he made me a couple of really personal videos that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

He was able to totally focus on the videos and what he was saying rather than trying to manipulate his arms to get the best shots. The stick allows him a lot more creativity and freedom, and it really shows in the videos he has been making. It is super easy to attach the phone to one end of the stick, and it is completely safe too. Even when we go out together now, he still uses the stick for his phone at times, because it is just so simple to use, and that is what he has gotten used to using for his videos now.

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