Tutoring Kids to Do More Than Just Pass Tests

When I was in school it was just a matter of getting through by passing the tests. It was like a whirlwind. I was not convinced I actually learned anything except how to pass tests. I would rather have actually learned something that I could apply and use later. I think tutoring would have helped me in some subjects to really get a more solid grasp of the material. This is why my wife and I are using the physics tutoring of Tony Chee at https://physicstuitionsg.com for our children. I really want them to know more about physics than just how to pass exams to get good grades.

I have seen a lot of tutoring that just gives you material to pass the tests. Coaching to just pass tests is not really learning a subject. I want them to understand things about atoms and electrons on a fundamental level that they can build on as they move forward into advanced education. You cannot make your academic career just about getting through exams with good grades. You need to learn the things you will need for doing your job in your chosen career field, and physics is used in just about everything we do as human beings.

It does not matter if you are designing a roller-coaster ride that uses electromagnetic brakes or if you are working in particle physics at the Hadron Particle Accelerator. Physics is used in both of those fields of work and many more. Tutoring now to help them better understand physics is going to be helpful in them landing better jobs no matter if they go into academia, the public workforce or private work. Plus, I am looking forward to communicating with them about what they are learning from their time spent with Mr. Chee. I still have a strong interest in physics.

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