The Wedding May Be Over, but the Photos Are Everlasting

My daughter got married to her long-time boyfriend of five years. Her father and myself really enjoy the person she chose to marry. They first got together when they were teenagers, so we did not pay much attention to the relationship, other than to notice that he seemed like a decent guy. But he’s grown into a fine person who treats our daughter very well. I planned to do most of the help with paying for the wedding, along with helping my daughter pick out a cake, getting her dress, finding the right wedding photographers in Croydon, Surrey and everything else that comes with getting everything together and organized.

After helping her to pick out a wedding location, choosing the date for the big day and sending out invitations to all our family and friends, I told my daughter it would be a good idea for her to go online and look at photography pages for weddings to see what style of photos she would like. The examples she showed me from so many websites were absolutely amazing. I must say that wedding pictures have really come a long way in the past ten years or so! They are very creative and unique now.

She decided that she would like to have a mix of color and black and white photos taken outdoors and inside the church where the event would take place. We did some calling around to find out pricing and settled on a working with a business that offered us a very nice price quote. They promised to send out two photographers on the big day. The first would be the main photographer, and the second person would be an assistant. They showed up on time and they blended in well with all of our guests to get some great snaps that we would have never thought to get on our own. The photos turned out lovely in the end.

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