The Never Ending Cycle of Bitcoin

While checking on the bitcoin trader app last week, I saw that bitcoin prices had gone down, and I started to panic. I had put a lot of money into bitcoin, and if the prices went down far enough, I would be at a severe loss. I kept checking the prices to see if they would go back up, but they went further down and I was really scared. I was close to selling the bitcoin I had to save as much money as I could, but I remembered that my best moments on the bitcoin market have come from me holding onto what I had.

The urge to sell when prices dip is one that is always strong for me. I No one likes to lose money, and when you invest a lot into something, you really want to do everything in your power to make sure that you can still walk away with enough money. I imagine that people who play the stock market have gone through the same thing. Companies have had their stocks rise and fall, and when these companies enter the realm of bankruptcy, people lose their minds because all of their money is going down the drain.

Things went from bad to good again. In the same day, the price of bitcoin went up. First it went back to the amount that it had been earlier in the week, and then it went up higher than that. All of the stress that I got from thinking about the dropping prices went away, and things were back to normal and better than ever. When the next price drop happens, I’ll probably start to panic again, but things will eventually get better and the cycle will continue. It can be maddening, but it’s also a great thrill.

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