Termites Started Eating My Firewood

I have never had a problem with bugs in all the time I have been living in New York City until a few months ago. I know people probably think of New York City having just apartment buildings and skyscrapers, but I actually have about half an acre of land with my house. I recently moved where I was storing firewood for my fireplace, and that is how I found out that I have termites. I knew that I was going to have to find a termite company in NYC before the problem got out of hand.

While the termites were just on the firewood, I knew that meant they could be in the house too. I had seen no evidence of termites at all, but I was not taking any chances. I know enough about bugs to know that a termite is a pretty sly bug. Just because they like to eat wood does not mean they are going to leave proof behind in every home they encounter. I knew that they could be eating the insides of my walls, and I would never know until the walls just got too weak.

I looked online that same day for a company that handles termite removal, and I was able to find one not far away. I really liked that they explained so much on their website, and I got a pretty fast education on the wood-eating critters. Thankfully, they were able to come out and do an inspection pretty quickly. I did not have to worry about them being in my house because the exterminators ruled that out after carefully doing an inspection. They did help me with a treatment plan outside though, which makes me feel so much better about termites not getting inside where they could do a lot more damage.

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