Teaching My Daughter’s Canary to Sing

I bought a canary from the pet store for my daughter because she really wanted to have one as a pet. When we got the canary home, my daughter pointed something out to me that I didn’t notice at the pet store, and that was that the canary wasn’t singing. We tried to sing to it in the hopes that it would sing back, but that didn’t work. I talked to the pet store owner and found out that some of the canaries haven’t been trained to sing yet, but I could use a canary singing mp3 to teach the bird to sing on my own.

I purchased a two disc CD set of songs for the canary to listen to and mimic. Canaries learn how to sing by mimicking other adult canaries. The ones who don’t know how to sing are usually the ones that haven’t had an opportunity to learn because they’ve been separated. It’s amazing how a canary can perfectly mimic what it hears from others of the same species. Even though they’re treated as simple house pets, I think they’re much smarter than most people think they are. There’s a lot of intelligence in birds, as parrots can mimic, and crows can even use tools sometimes.

After listening to the CDs, the canary’s silence was broken and it started to sing. My daughter would sit next to the canary for hours, watching it sing and feeding it food. Even though the canary is her first pet, she’s been quite responsible with it. She regularly makes sure the canary has food and water and regularly cleans its cage. Hopefully she doesn’t ask for another canary so the first one won’t be lonely. I can take one bird singing, but two singing a duet would be too much to bear.

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