Started a Shop Near Fort Hood

I just got started planning my latest venture and I am trying to figure out how practical it shall be. For starters this is something which is going to use processes which will be electrical power intensive. So I have been looking at the Killeen electricity rates since Fort Hood is a very good location for this business. The power bill for this venture is probably going to run around a thousand dollars a month, which is a big deal to any person. Of course in this as in a lot of other things, that is like the price of admission. You have to figure out the production costs and the mainenance and so forth on any deal like this. It is going to be so much and if you can not afford to pay it, then you are in the wrong type of business. You should go do some other thing if you can not pay for what you need.

At any rate this is a great location and all I have to do is keep the one customer happy. That is the United States Army. They are going to provide the means to keep everything going and the way I make money is going out and find ing other things to supplement it. That is the theory you have one big customer and they pay to keep your doors open. You will not make a huge profit off them, but you will stay steady and they will keep the place in business all of the time. Of course being able to prosper is dependent upon getting some other business on top of that. You have to hustle and find the extra work that keeps you from going hungry. It is not like it is going to knock on the door.

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