Spending Our Time Doing Business More Wisely

When I first opened my office, my wife was my part-time secretary. Together, we would clean the office every evening to be ready to greet clients the next day. As we grew, we added a couple more staff people. We offloaded the chore of office cleaning to them. We did not think anything about it, because we did whatever it took to keep our business going on that shoestring budget we started with. Now that there was success, we hired cleaning services in Singapore to clean our offices. The employees we had brought it to our attention that their salaries would be better spent by us to have them do the main jobs they were hired for.

We thought about that for ourselves too. We should have hired cleaning services in Singapore long before we did. I never considered that the income-earning potential of our time when we first started would have been much better spent on production of our service than closing to clean the office. It was just a matter of routine in how we got started. However, that does not mean we were correct in our thinking. Sometimes you can get clouded thinking when it comes to running a business, especially when it comes to keeping everything that needs done in house.

Hiring cleaning services in Singapore was our first experience at outsourcing talent. The cleaning service does a much better job than we ever did. The place looks fantastic. Now I outsource more help such as letting our accountant participate more in business planning. It all makes a difference. We have all these experts available to help build our business. It was just a matter of recognizing the importance of utilizing their expert services to get the jobs done better and even faster. Live and learn I guess.

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