Servers for a Media Site

I had an idea to make a media hosting site that would rival some of the bigger name ones. Some friends that I met in college in my programming classes helped me to make a rudimentary version of the site and we bought some cheap tower servers to store the media that would be uploaded through the site. As the site would gain more users in the future, I would have to buy more towers to accommodate the additional data that would be uploaded and stored. All of that data would also have to be backed up, just in case something happens.

At first, the site was being tested by my friends and I while we were making it. After we felt that we had a version that was good enough for more people to try, we told our friends and family members to test out the site for us by uploading some media. They used their computers, phones, and cameras to put as much as they could on the servers. There was an initial limit on the size of each file being uploaded to the website, but that changed as more people started using it.

The friends and family test was a success, so we increase the user load even more by spreading word about the site to various places on the Internet. Slowly but surely, people went to the website to upload their media. We were getting hits to the site from various countries. I didn’t really expect to get so many foreign users so soon, but I guess word spreads fast around the Internet. We had to buy more servers more quickly than I anticipated. It seemed like every day, people were making longer videos and more high quality pictures that would take up a lot of space on the servers.

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