My Husband Gave Me a Nice Little Nudge in the Right Direction

My husband has always been a bit clueless when it comes to keeping things to himself. He says what he feels, and that’s what he did on the day that he pointed out the age lines that have appeared on my face. I quickly found an aesthetic and laser clinic for Singapore locals because I knew that not doing something to help my skin would have caused him to go on and on about me being too young to have lines or wrinkles yet. Don’t feel sorry for me because there’s no need for that. He just believes in looking your best, and I have been really lazy about that. He always does what he can to look good for me, and I have been far too lax about doing the same for him.

Neither myself or my husband cares much about brand names or being super wealthy. We have, however, worked hard to make sure that there’s nothing that we will ever need to struggle to pay for. We buy nice clothes, but name brands are not something we care about. We both dye our hair to keep the grey hair away, but we do not spend hundreds of dollars for just one hair appointment. So, I knew that I wanted to find a clinic that is known for doing an excellent job at a price that feels comfortable to me. I quickly found one by looking at some info online that helped me narrow it down to one place.

The place that I have been going to is nice. The employees there have told me that it’s not too late to turn back time a little bit with my skin. I have some smile lines that are starting to turn into deeper grooves in my skin. I’ve had two laser treatments, and I noticed a big difference after the second treatment. It’s stunning to see when I look in the mirror. I was wondering if my husband would notice, and he did! He said something about the positive change before I even had a chance to point it out myself.

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