My Husband Found a Great Apartment for Us

I would have never considered myself a tad bit spoiled until my husband told me he wanted me to look at an apartment in Charlotte. We are going to be moving there at the end of the year, which gave me plenty of time to look at different houses there. When he told me to look at the website for an luxury apartment complex that will be completed right before we move there, I honestly could not picture myself living in one. My mom and I had lived in a so-called luxury apartment when I was in high school, and I honestly did not want to repeat that experience.

When he asked me to at least look at the website and if I did not like what I saw, then he would agree to getting a house there, I decided to humor him. I am actually the one who was surprised though by my reaction to it, because he obviously knew that I was really going to like what I saw there. The luxury standards of this apartment complex and the one I grew up in when I was in my teens are worlds apart.

This really is luxurious living at its finest. I was able to look at the floor plans for each apartment, and every single one of them had a lot of appeal for one reason or another. It is just my husband and myself, so we only needed a two bedroom unit. The one that I like the best has so many perks to it like built in bookcases, two full baths so guests staying over will have their privacy as well, an extremely large laundry room, and a veranda that is gorgeous. My husband knows me well enough to know that I would want to live there, and he was absolutely right.

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