My Gram Loved Her Birthday Surprise

My gram has never been one to watch much television. However, when Only Fools and Horses premiered, there was just something about it that struck her fancy. She never missed an episode, and she has seen the entire series at least five times if not more. Her favorite character is Del Boy, and I can see the appeal myself, having seen so much of the series while visiting her. For her 80th birthday party, I decided to see if I could find a Del Boy lookalike to surprise her with.

We already knew that we were having a huge party for her because getting to 80 is something to seriously celebrate. Also, she is so well loved not just by our family but all of her friends too, so a great party was only fitting. I knew from previous work parties that there is a company that provides just about any kind of entertainment that a person could want, so I started with them. This company is actually the reason why I even came up with this idea, because they had other lookalikes at one of the events I had gone to through with my work.

When I looked at their website, it was easy to find exactly what I wanted. I was happy to see that they did offer this type of lookalike because I just knew that there was no other one that would please my grandmother as much as a Del Boy lookalike would. The day of her party, we were all celebrating. When it came time to do some toasts, the lookalike came out and gave the first one. I am so glad we have my gram’s reaction recorded because it is just priceless! Needless to say, she is looking forward to her next party to see how we can top this one.

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