My First Time Ever Seeing a Chiropractor

My doctor asked me how I was feeling, then he asked me again. He knows I am not one to complain, and that I was only in his office because my wife made me go. He told me to talk to him and lay it out there on the line for him to figure out. I told him that my back had been hurting a lot ever since I jarred it really hard when a step broke in one of our outbuildings. He ran tests and told me to go and see a Campbell chiropractor. I had returned to his office to discuss the imaging results, and he told me to go see that chiropractor right away. He knows I would just blow it off and not go, so he had already scheduled the appointment for me. I had to leave his office and go right over. He said he would check, and he really did.

His office was on the phone with the chiropractor when I walked in. They told me that my doc was checking up on me to make sure I actually went. The chiropractor had spoken to my doctor, so he knew why I was there and a little of what to expect from me. I was a bit leery having the full workup that included heat and massage therapy, but I must admit my back had not felt this good even before my foot went clean through that broken stair tread. I was surprised at how fast the treatment worked on me.

I would have never believed that a chiropractor would be able to relieve me from the almost constant back pain I was having every day. I was feeling a whole lot better. The pain was affecting my mood to a great degree. I am no longer as cranky and cantankerous now that my back is not hurting like it was. Just ask my wife. She will tell you!

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