Music is Everything to Me

When I was younger, my folks told me that I was always singing and dancing. The dancing has slowed down a good bit, but I still love to sing. I also love to write music and different musical arrangements. It is no surprise that when I had to decide what I wanted to do with my life, I ended up getting a diploma in music from Orita Sinclair School of Design and Music. It was always a given I would go into the music industry, but I was not sure how I was going to go about that.

That all changed when I looked at one of the electronic brochures from the school. I liked that I was able to look at the different modules and get a lot of information from each one. I did not want to waste four years of my life by going to a university where I would have to learn things I was not interested in, simply to get the degree I want. That is not the case with Orita Sinclair. The course is either a 12 month one if it is full time or 24 months if it is part time.

The reason it is done so quickly is because only the things that are important to learn are taught, which really cuts out a large chunk of the learning that would happen at a four year university. With this program, I learned how to record and mix, how to write better songs, how to harmonize, how to manage a musical production and so much more. I am so happy with what I have accomplished with this training and schooling, and I am now working toward my goal of being the best audio engineer there is. I could not have achieved this any other way!

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