Moving to a New Condo is Helping Me to Get by a Little Easier

My husband had cancer, and I was his caretaker for two years. When he finally passed away, I could no longer bare to stay in the same apartment that we lived in. I was telling a friend about it, and she said to look at because she lives at the condos found at that website. It looked like a really posh place, so I told her that it was out of my league. She told me how much she pays each month, and I was pretty surprised that it was much lower in cost than I thought it would be. She told me to come by and she would give me a tour to see if I would be interested in living there.

When my husband was ill, he fought hard to stay alive. In my mind, there was no way that he would succumb to cancer because he was doing so well. The chemo and radiation shrunk the two tumors, and we thought he had beat that dreaded disease. However, he went back for a checkup and we learned that the tumors grew again after his chemo ended. We also learned that the tumors had spread. We were both devastated. I didn’t want our marriage to end, I didn’t want to live the place we had lived together for the past 10 years, and I didn’t want anything else to change either.

After he passed away, I no longer had him to take care of anymore, so I got a job. I came home each night and cried when I walked in the front door and felt only loneliness. When it got bad enough, I called my friend and told her I’d like to take her up on the tour she had offered me. We met up at her place, and I really liked the building. I ended up getting one of the condos there. I will never forget my husband, but it has been good for me to move into a nice, new place that has no past history with my husband and I.

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