It’s All in the Mind

Art can be interpreted a number of ways. Depending on who you ask, as person may see something that is completely radical when compared to what most people perceive. Multiple interpretations are even present in sculptures. I make sculptures out of copper, and people always come up with crazy idea as to what the sculptures could be. I always stay up to date on the scrap copper prices per pound because I have to buy the copper to make the sculptures. When the copper prices are at their lowest, I’ll stock up on the metal so I’ll have some in supply when the prices rise again.

My most recent sculpture was made to look like a wolf. Just by looking at the sculpture, you can tell that it’s an animal with four legs, but people don’t always guess the same animal. I didn’t tell anyone what the sculpture was supposed to be until after they had a chance to guess, because I wanted to see what kinds of ideas they would get about the sculpture without any outside input. A few people thought the sculpture was a pig, and others thought it was a panther. When they learned that it was a wolf, they were shocked, and then were able to see the resemblance to a wolf.

I’ve been planning a new sculpture for the past couple of days. This one will be the biggest sculpture that I’ve ever made. It will use a lot of copper, and will be twice as tall as I am. I’ll have to construct it with parts that can be disassembled so it can be easily moved around to different locations. This sculpture isn’t going to be easily recognizable as something simple like an animal. I really want to test the minds of the observers on this one.

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