I Wonder if This Makes Sense

I am not really sure whether or not this thing makes a lot of sense for me in the long haul, but I have really been able to get a good bit of work. It was simple and plain luck really. I was in the park playing a game of three on three basketball when this guy gave me his business card. He was looking for someone to pose for some picture, shirtless actually, to sell this supplement. It turned out to be easy money. If you go to this website then you can learn about the dentist that I am talking to right now, although it is not really my idea. The people who I get work from what me to get one of the freakishly bright smiles that you see in a lot of models on TV and in print and electronic ads. It is very simple, that is something that is expected of you in this line of business.

This is a really great thing for me so long as the money comes in. For the past three years I have been going to college on a scholarship to play baseball. It is not a big college and I am not a really great baseball player, but I can play good defense at the shortstop, at third base and in the outfield. So my scholarship is safe so long as my glove keeps helping out the pitching staff. I do a bit of pitching too, but they are not loving me for that.lately. The last time I went on the mound things were already bad and I put a couple gallons of gasoline on the fire. So this is like free money to me, but paying for a freakishly bright smile may or may not make sense for me.

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