I Was Reminded That There is Help for Bad Backs

I was rushing around to help my husband get ready for one of his business trips when I hurt myself. When he got back home from that business trip and learned that I was still having trouble, he pointed out that I should get myself to a Vancouver chiropractor before the problem became much worse than it already had become. He promised that he would make the appointment for me, drive me there and back and help me with whatever I need during the time that I needed for recuperation.

My husband is always so helpful. The day that I was getting his things together for his trip, he was busy working a list of things that I had put together for him to work on. He was rushing around inside and outside of our house doing a lot of the things that I felt that I should not do because I have a bad back. However, I was rushing around the house too quickly and lifting things. I could tell my back was not doing okay from that. Then, I zipped up his suitcase, hoisted it off of the bed and placed it on the floor. I cried out, dropped the suitcase on its side and grabbed my back. It was such a frustration to have a problem that creeps in when there are important things to do.

While my husband was gone, I didn’t get much done. I’m someone who likes to get things completed quickly. I tried to get some things done that first day after he left, but it just hurt too much to do anything. Even doing some light dishwashing caused a lot of pain. While he was gone, I mostly just laid on the couch, watched TV and took pain pills. I was so glad when he came home and told me to go get help.

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