I Needed to Keep Better Records

When I used to pay whoever did freelance work for me, I would simply write them a check and give them a handwritten receipt with it. I did not have that many freelancers helping me at any given time, and this method always worked. That is, until it didn’t. When someone threatened to sue me because they were trying to scam me, I knew I had to keep better records. I was talking with my sister about it, and she told me to look at this site that she had heard about.

She gave me the website address, and I liked what I saw as soon as I went there. The reason I had never involved accountants in my work before was because I felt they wanted to overcharge me for what I needed. I am not saying they are not worth their fees for the most part, but I felt that what I needed was just a few minutes of work, so I could not justify paying a lot of money for that. This website though was the answer to all of my problems. It was a place where I would be able to generate my own pay stubs for a very low fee per pay stub.

I was able to go through the process of creating one before given the option to buy it, and I was impressed with how easy it was to make one. The instructions were very simple to follow, and I had no problem creating a pay stub that looked nice and was accurate as well. I have been using this site every time I need a pay stub now, and I am very happy with it. I also feel more confident because I don’t worry about not having the proper records should someone try to scam me again.

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