I Hate to Watch Commercials

I was watching a lot of my television programming online, but it was just not convenient for me. I admit that I am spoiled in the way that I like to watch TV, and that includes not watching commercials. The downfall to watching most programming online is that you have to watch endless commercials too, and it was frustrating for me. I decided to see just how much it would cost to get DirecTV, and I went to a site that has all of the details on their different packages.

I knew that I would not need one that had a ton of channels, because I don’t really watch that many different channels. I know a lot of my friends would not be able to do with anything less than the Ultimate Package, but I didn’t need anything that extreme. After looking over their different packages, I saw where I would be able to get the Choice package, which had all of the channels that I would watch along with quite a few that I had never even heard of before.

I thought that it would be interesting to explore some of the other channels in the Choice package, especially after reading the descriptions of them on the site that I got my information from. Another reason why I wanted to get this particular package is because it would also enable me to get a lot of free perks from DirecTV.

I was able to get the NFL Sunday Ticket for free for the first year, and that was pretty exciting to me because it is impossible to get any professional football games in their entirety online. I also have the premium channels for free for three months, and that is something else that is impossible to get online. This deal really works for me, and I no longer have to sit through commercials!

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