I Can’t Believe He Liked It

It’s always good to spread information to other people. I learned about gel manicure in Singapore from a friend, and she learned about it from a friend, who also learned about it from another friend. Who knows how far back the chain of friends goes, but I’m glad I learned about it. This method of manicuring is a bit different from the old method, but I like it better than the old method. The great thing about this new method is that it introduces more people to manicures who wouldn’t normally get them, with one of them being my brother.

My brother likes to act like the typical manly man. He often goes to the gym, he watches sports whenever he has free time, and he likes to drink and rough house with the guys. Normally this kind of guy wouldn’t be caught dead getting a manicure, or even going into a spa to get one. Somehow I was able to convince him to get a gel manicure just by telling him about it. I still don’t understand it to this day, but he liked the sound of it and wanted to try it for himself, and he wasn’t joking.

Watching my brother sit through the entire gel manicure was shocking enough, but what was even more shocking was that he told his friends that he had gotten one, and they all sounded intrigued and wanted to get their own. I thought I had stepped into some kind of alternate universe, or my brother and his friends had been replaced by body snatchers. Next I expected them to tell me that they wanted to try manscaping. I asked them all why they even wanted manicures, and they said that they wanted their hands to look nice while they were catching the ball in their sports games.

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