I Cannot Wait to Move to New Futura

When I graduated from school, I got a great job close to where my parents live. They offered me my old bedroom back, and I took advantage of their generosity since it meant I would be able to pay off my school loans quicker. Three years later, I met the woman of my dreams, and I knew that I would ask her one day to become my wife. That day happened just a few weeks ago, and we have just made some major decisions. The first is that we are going to move to New Futura in Singapore when it is ready.

While we will not live together until we are married, we need a place rather quickly because we did not want to have a long engagement. Both of us work, so we had to make sure that the place we move to is good for both of us. As soon as we looked at New Futura, we knew that it was the one for us because of a few different reasons. She only works about 10 minutes from it, and my commute of 15 minutes is not much further.

We also liked how the interior of the condos look. We were able to look at the floor plan for each kind of condo, and we knew that no matter which one we end up getting, it will be perfect for us. The biggest decision is if we want to have a two bedroom, a three bedroom, or a four bedroom unit. We are definitely having one child, but we don’t know if we want more than that right now. We are still talking about that, but we are definitely going to have a condo there because it has everything we want, including a pool, a fitness gym, outdoor social areas, and even a rain shower. I cannot wait to move there with my new bride.

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