How We Have Our Council Meetings Streamed Live on the Internet and Broadcast on a Local Cable Access Channel

We broadcast our monthly council meetings over a local cable television channel. It is part of our compliance to the Sunshine laws that were established years ago. We live stream and archive our meetings on our website too. This keeps everyone honest as every word, gesture and even eye roll can be caught on camera. Our system for recording only requires one operator. We used a company that does audio installation in southern California to come out and upgrade our entire system.

The first thing to upgrade was our old manual camera system that actually recorded on tape. We would then send it to the TV station for a later broadcast. Now we just have the meetings broadcast live on the cable access channel for our area. It is easy to do and no hassle at all. The website streaming and archiving is also automated. No one needs any particular expertise to run the system. We do use someone who is talented with camera work to make each meeting look its best. We have one camera operator that can remotely operate the system. The new cameras can be panned, tilted and zoomed remotely, and they are all high-definition to provide a great picture on TV.

All town councils should have a system like this. It permits your citizens to see what is going on in the council meetings that affect their future. An informed populace is a good thing. If people understand what you are up to and why, then they are more likely to cooperate with and even assist you with your community plans. Also, not everyone can come out on when the council convenes. People work and have other responsibilities. Now they can review any meeting on our website as it is instantly streamed and archived while it is in progress.

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