How Fixing a Smile Brought the Best out in a Teenage Girl

We have neighbors who work very hard and still need help with things. They have a young daughter who is a beautiful person. She watches our dogs for us when we go away, and her mom and dad are close to us as friends. One thing that often happens when you are struggling to make ends meet is being able to afford dental work. They did not have insurance, so we contacted a cosmetic dentist in Aurora for the daughter when she mentioned once about not liking her teeth. We were at our house when a toothpaste commercial came on and the model had perfect teeth. The girl said how she hides her smile so people do not see her teeth. She needed braces.

We spoke to the parents, and it was a sensitive topic. They are proud and do not want charity. That is good. However, this is something we were persistent about doing. They agreed because it was their daughter and it was necessary. We do not have children, and we told them how she is the closest thing to having a kid of our own that we have ever had. When we told the girl about the offer to get her teeth fixed, she was happy, anxious and embarrassed all at the same time. It was not a perfectly comfortable to be talking about, but that did not change the necessity of it.

Well, she went to the cosmetic dentist in Aurora for an initial appointment, and a plan was drawn up to fix her teeth to give her a perfect smile. It took a little over a year to get it all done, but the results are absolutely stunning. She is a really pretty young woman, and now she has a perfect smile to match. This really brought her out of her shell at school. She is also now being the natural leader she is with her friends. She has confidence and is even participating in school activities she used to avoid. All it took was an investment in her as a person of worth.

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