Helped Me Get Through a Skateboard Accident

The first time I ever visited a chiropractor in Mesa AZ was after I tried to teach my son how to ride a skateboard. Back in the 1970s I was a master at skateboarding. I was better than all my friends, could do all the tricks, and spent probably at least three years going everywhere around my small town on a skateboard. Fast forward a few decades and I hadn’t rode one in years, but thought I still had the magic. My son wanted one so I thought I’d teach him how to do it. That was a huge mistake.

I tried to do a thing where you flip the board while you’re in the air and come down on it and keep going, but the board got away from me and I hit the pavement hard. I hit it so hard that I felt something give in my back and twisted my ankle something fierce. My son was laughing until he noticed I was really hurting and he helped me inside. My wife read me the riot act and really she’s right. I simply shouldn’t have been trying to show off. Nonetheless I needed some help with my back because it really hurt.

We ended up going to a chiropractor because my regular doctor didn’t see that anything was wrong. He thought it might be a pinched nerve that would gradually go away over time. The chiropractor knew better. He said the spill compressed one of my discs and that I needed adjustments to pull the pressure off of my nerves or the pain would never get better. He managed to fix the problem over a series of visits. It took about three before I felt markedly better and five before the pain was pretty much gone. He did a marvelous job.

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