Getting Help for a Student with Potential

I brought Physics tuition into the picture recently in order to help a troubled student in one of my classes reach his full potential. I’ve done this before when I notice someone who is bright and a hard worker struggle mightily with the material. Make no mistake about it: Physics is a tough field. Many people fear the class and they’re right to do so. I don’t pull any punches teaching the material and students who don’t work hard will not pass them. I see it as preparing them for life because life is not a series of easily passed tests.

Still, I understand my teaching style doesn’t mesh well with everyone, even very smart individuals. Many teachers just shrug and let their kids sink or swim and then move on to the next year of classes. I actually want to help everyone succeed, and sometimes that means working closely with their parents in order to ensure that their kids will learn and pass the course. I hate to see someone who I know could easily pass the class struggle with it and become demoralized about academics in general.

I met with the parents of the student having problems and recommended a tutor who has total mastery over the subject, but who can also teach almost anything to anyone. His real gift is teaching. He’s a rare bird and I wish I had half of his skills in this area. The parents were intrigued and promised to look into it. I knew he was going to the tutor when I noticed his hand shooting up all the time in class to answer questions. His work improved immediately by leaps and bounds. He’s more confident and smiles a lot more in class. I’m happy to see yet another success story and it’s all due to this tutor’s abilities.

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