Generic Always Does the Trick

Moving to Australia for a six month job assignment was fun and rewarding, but it also meant I needed to find a source for generic Viagra in Australia. I’m divorced and not looking to get remarried, but I do love spending time with the ladies. Since I’m older with some of the behaviors that cause erectile dysfunction. Such things as lots of anxiety and distress, at least in my case, is the cause of this condition. I’ve got a sick sister that I had to leave behind and both of my parents are older and getting sicker as well. Also my job is a big stress factor. While it’s fun to travel for work, and getting to know different countries is great, the job itself is full of deadlines and stressful situations that cause problems for me down there.

So when I arrived in Canberra, I knew I needed to find a source before I even started going to the local nightclubs and looking for some companionship. I am good to go using the stuff without having to find a doctor, but I wasn’t sure how to go about getting a prescription for it down here. I didn’t even know if I needed a prescription or if you could just go to the local pharmacy and buy it over the counter. In some places you can easily get your hands on it. I wasn’t sure if that was the case in Australia and I didn’t check before arriving.

I asked around, and more importantly looked online, before finding a workable solution to my dilemma. Not only was I able to get the Viagra, more importantly I got the knock off brand. I don’t buy name brand for anything let alone prescription drugs. So I’m set to go and have some fun with my little blue pills!

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