Finding a Nice Apartment in Nevada

When I first started my search for a new home, I looked online at different apartments for rent in Las Vegas NV. I did not need anything huge because it is just me. I don’t even have a dog, though I thought that it might be nice to get a cat once I got settled since they are a lot more independent than what a pup is. I also knew that I would still be able to get just a small apartment and it would be plenty big enough for myself and a cat.

I looked at the complexes closest to where my job is first, because I figured it just made sense to get an affordable place as close as I could. I’d rather be home reading a book than sitting in traffic any day of the week. I was surprised that the first complex I looked at was everything I wanted, and then some. It is only located about five minutes from where I work, and on nice days I can even ride my bike there and back. They also have different one bedroom units, so I had a nice variety to choose from.

I ended up choosing the smallest one, and it still feels pretty big to me because of all the room in it plus all the features. I have a nice sized living room, a kitchen, and a separate dining room. The back half of the apartment has my bedroom, a bathroom, and a laundry room. I never expected to find all of that in an apartment, and that is just part of it. There are plenty of community amenities that definitely makes it nice that I can enjoy them instead of traveling for 30 or 40 minutes in a car if I lived farther away!

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