Finding a New Chiropractor in San Jose

I had a good chiropractor when I lived in Southern California, he was recommended to me by a doctor after I got into a car accident. Of course a doctor can not always do very much for you, or at least they can not do much that makes a lot of sense. It is usually nonsense for you to get surgery and the other thing they can do is to give you pain pills. Those create a lot of problems and do not solve any. I need to find the best San Jose chiropractor for my back, which has began to act up again and it is starting to be a real problem. When I am moving around there is not that much of a problem, although I am not really having a great time all of the time. It is not a good situation, but it is not that awful.

The trouble comes when I lay in bed all night long. Then when I try to get out of bed in the morning my back is really stiff. Some days it is not awful, but on a lot of mornings I can barely get to my feet. Every morning I have to use heating pads and long hot showers to get it to loosen up. That requires time which you do not want to use in the mornings, especially when you have to get your butt in the car and go to work. I have to get up half an hour earlier than I want to, and then I am still pushing it on days when I do not get to work on time. It is not a big deal, because the boss understands. However it is not something which can go on without a real solution to the problem.

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