Enjoying the Talent of Spanish Artists

I have always loved art. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than going to a museum and exploring all that it has to offer. I especially enjoy Spanish art because I was born in Madrid. Though I moved out of the country when I was a teenager, I saw enough artwork through my youth to appreciate Spanish talent. When a museum would have a Spanish section, I would be eager to go and usually went several times before it was removed.

Thanks to the Internet, I am able to enjoy my passion for Spanish art a lot more. While nothing compares to seeing a painting or sculpture right in front of me, I still enjoy seeing pieces that are created by up and coming artists. My favorite bookmarked website is one that showcases not only these artists but also up and coming Spanish writers as well. I never realized that I had such a passion for reading as well, but this site has changed my perspective a good bit.

It is amazing to sit in my chair in the evening with a good cup of java and just browse through the site. I almost feel that I am peering into the souls of some of these artists because they are so talented that their work comes alive. That is pretty incredible since it is just through a computer screen. I never would have imagined that I could have that experience looking at a screen, which just goes to show how incredibly talented some of these artists are. I would never have been introduced to a lot of these artists without this website, so I am extremely grateful that I found it. As I look around my house, I am even more grateful because it is decorated with various pieces made by those same artists. Life is good when you can surround yourself with what you love.

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