Elite Training Gave Me Confidence and Skills

I knew I would never be able to compete in the Olympics, but that did not mean I still did not want to be the very best that I can be. I do love to ski, and I have placed quite well in states and nationals, but there were just too many people who were better, quicker, and more athletic than me. When I heard one of those talking about an elite speed sports performance training program she had been in that really helped her a lot, I knew that it was something I was going to research for myself.

I asked her the name of the coach she used, and she gladly gave it to me. Some people might think that it would be against her competitive nature to give me a heads up on something that can make me a better skier, but it was actually in her best interest. See, anyone who competes does not want to knock the competition down. They want the competition to be the best they can be, because that makes them work harder to get that win themselves. When you win against a great competitor, the victory is just that much sweeter than if they had been just mediocre.

I looked into the ski program at the training center that she went to, and it gave me hope that I actually could be better than what I was. I really liked that this was not a ski lesson, because obviously I already knew how to ski. Instead, it was a program that helped me with strength and conditioning, nutritional guidance, recovery and regeneration, and so much more. I did sign up for the program, and I no longer think that I am not one of the elite skiers in the nation. I actually have very high hopes for me in the next few years!

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