Cleaning and Maintaining Furnace in a Crawl Space

After a bit of sticker shock when buying a home in California, my husband and I found we had much to learn about living on the West coast compared to how we had spent the previous 20 years in the Midwest. Coming from a place where we were used to having a full basement where our furnace resided, once we learned that we would only have a crawl space beneath our home, we knew we would need to look at Sacramento HVAC services to help us maintain our heating and air conditioning systems.

I missed the space we had in our old house with a full basement, but honestly, it had just become a giant storage space. We never finished it in all of our years living there and when we decided to make the move half way across the country to a home without a basement, it was a great excuse to get rid of all that clutter, some of which had not seen the light of day in years. Our new home had plenty of closets and a large attic space, and I loved that I would have a laundry room on the main floor, but it took us a few weeks and some help from a new neighbor to locate our water heater and understand that the source of our heat was a furnace located in the crawl space under our house.

The HVAC specialist we consulted, who was suggested by our neighbor, said we could move the furnace to our attic space and that could make it easier for my husband to maintain it himself, but that would require some new duct work which could be costly. We would save far more time, money and aggravation by simply having our furnace cleaned and inspected professionally every year than we would ever save by moving the furnace to the attic space and I wouldn’t lose any more precious storage space.

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