Been Trading More of Late

I have been doing a great deal more trading lately, although obviously I understand that you have to make sure that you are not paying more in fees than you are gaining in the process of the trades. I have been trying to educate myself better and become more technically proficient. Today I tried to learn how to buy sell bands technical indicators and that sort of thing, but to be perfectly honest I did not really get the grasp of it and I am not sure that it was really the sort of thing that I am comfortable with. I do trade fairly regularly and it is not as though I do not take chances, that is a part of the game after all. However I really do not take the sort of chances I can not live with. That in turn is not something that really makes sense, even people who take incredibly wild chances could probably say the same. You probably understood what I mean by it though.

At any rate through luck or skill I have managed to make a great deal of money, or at least I am pretty excited by it. I could not exactly quit my day job from it, but that may not be my choice the way that it looks. My boss is really coming apart at the seams, the fool was born into his station in life. His family built a bunch of ventures, and the one they entrusted him with is just a small part of the puzzle. There were always good people around, they did the work and made the right choices for a long time. Everything was fine, but some of them peeled off and become the competition. They took a long of the key people with them and the boss has not replaced them or listened to anyone since.

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