Bankruptcy Laws Are There to Help Consumers Who Are Having Financial Difficulties

I think people should take advantage of the financial protections afforded them under the law. Sure, sometimes people take advantage of laws, but most folks are decent. Many people I know would not declare bankruptcy unless they had no other choice. The problem with that mindset is that it causes people to drag things out too long before calling a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney to start the road to financial recovery. I do not think that people should wait until their savings and retirement are gone before getting the help bankruptcy can help them with.

You need to call as soon as you become financially insolvent to the degree it is going to last. I’m not talking about falling behind for a month or even a short season. I’m talking about when you look at your income and your liabilities and your ability to earn results in you not being able to continue to pay things on time. If you suddenly get an income reduction due to a job loss or illness that is not going to change for the better very soon, then you can be bankrupt on paper immediately. The court will take things into consideration.

Surgeries, cutbacks at work, mergers, divorce and even the weather could send someone bankrupt. This is why there are laws in place to help people. Bankruptcy is a help. It is a recourse. It is a way to become financially solvent again. There is no shame in it. Sure, some people get to the point of bankruptcy by living above their means. However, not everyone is like that. Some decent people just had unforeseen events happen that they cannot financially recover from. That is when you need to call that Sacramento bankruptcy attorney right away to get the help you need. The calls from the collectors need to stop, and you need to be taking steps to hold onto things your family needs to survive.

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