Aid Organizations Around the World

For a college course, our professor required us to find an organization in a foreign country that works toward making the lives of its people better. He challenged us to go beyond the usual places that are heard about on the news or on travel channels. We also had to contact the person in charge of the organization to find out more about it, and if we were willing to do so, we could donate to this organization. I read an article about the Taraba State Governor earlier that week, and remembered that Barr. Anna Darius Ishaku, his wife, was in charge of the kind of organization that was needed for the assignment.

I found the contact information for Mrs. Ishaku and sent her an email, telling her about my assignment and how interested I was to hear about her organization. She was more than willing to tell me about it. There is a lot of work that goes into running an organization as big as theirs, especially when you have a lot of people working within it. The organization has to also listen to the needs of the people and take steps to address these needs by contacting other people who may be able to provide additional help.

I asked some of the other students what locations they used for their assignment, and they mentioned a lot of locations that were in South America or the Middle East. Aside from my professor, no one else had heard of the Taraba State, which was kind of a bonus for me, because it meant that no one else had picked the same location as me. We had to do a brief presentation related to our assignment, and as I explained my choice, I got a lot of questions from people who were curious about the Taraba State.

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