Affordable Apartment Living for a Student

Finding apartments for rent in Kingsport Tennessee proved far more difficult than I thought when I first started seriously looking into moving out of my parents home. I’m enrolled in a branch campus of Milligan College here in Kingsport, and really I could have just spent the next few years living at home rent free, but I felt it was important to strike out on my own. Also my mother and father have a tendency to helicopter parent and I really wanted to get away from that situation. So I had to find a place that was affordable.

I also have a cat and there was no possibility that I would leave her behind so I needed living arrangements that allowed for pets. That proved more of a challenge than anything. I found a couple of places that I thought would work only to arrive for a viewing to learn they wouldn’t accept pets. Another place said they would but wanted an enormous bundle of money as part of the deal. I started to get worried that I would either have to get rid of the cat or stay at home. Thankfully, I finally found a complex that has no problem with pets.

They also don’t charge an arm and leg to accept them. On top of that, the complex is just great. Glowing reviews from everyone online about the place, saying how it is nice and quiet and just a relaxing place to live. Considering I’m going to be up late many nights studying, I really appreciate an apartment complex where people partying isn’t a thing. After looking around before signing my lease, I can see why people like the units. They’re very clean, the kitchens are absolutely gorgeous, and there is plenty of closet space. I’m going to love living here!

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