A Skiing Injury is No Laughing Matter

By the time I got in to see the chiropractor in Bakersfield, I’d been dealing with a serious skiing related injury for about two days. My husband and I flew off to Colorado for a weekend of hitting the slopes, only I almost ended up hitting a tree. I tried to tackle a slope that was far beyond my abilities and the next thing I knew I was careening off the beaten path and heading for the woods. I purposely tried to slide into a quick landing to avoid killing myself, but I felt something go in my hip as I slid across the snow pack.

To be honest I thought I’d broken my hip bone. The pain was excruciating and I got very afraid that I’d need extensive surgery or that I might not even make it to the hospital. They had to have a crew come out and take me back to the lodge. The doctor there examined me and said it wasn’t a broken bone. He thought I’d just pulled a large muscle and that I would be in for some serious agony for a few weeks. Still, at least I knew I’d make it back home.

The flight home was sheer agony, as was the drive home. I laid in bed for about a day suffering before demanding my husband take me to the chiropractor. I’d been in before for some less serious problems and always got relief, so I hoped the clinic could do something about the hip muscle. They got me right in and performed a very extensive deep muscle massage. I’m not going to lie here: it hurt a lot. But, and it’s a big but, when I got up from the table I felt so much better. By the time I got home the pain was almost entirely gone!

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