A Guest Room for My Parents

I was pretty pumped when I was hired on at a new technology start up company. That it was happening in Vegas was just a really nice bonus. I am not one for gambling, so it wasn’t because of the casinos that I was excited. It was because my family lives really close to there, and I would only have to travel maybe an hour to visit my folks instead of the 500 miles that it was taking prior to moving there. I did a search for 89129 apartments because I felt that would probably be the easiest way to find an apartment in the same neck of the woods as where I would be working.

I am single and don’t have kids, but I still wanted a two bedroom apartment. I wanted to have a guest room for my parents because I thought it would be nice if they would come and see me every now and again too, and we could enjoy some of the shows that Vegas is famous for putting on. Bloom Apartments is the closest complex that is nice, and the two bedroom units they have are really nice too.

I have my own private bath as well as a large closet that is almost too big just for me. There is a decent sized guest room that is next to a second bath, which I knew my mom would really appreciate since she has health issues. The living room is bigger than my bedroom, which is really saying something since my bedroom is bigger than any I have ever had before. There is also a dining room that is off to the side of the kitchen, and it connects to the laundry room. It is just a really nice apartment that is close to my dream job, but the real bonus is seeing my parents more than twice a year!

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