A Glass Tabletop for My Dining Table

When a coworker invited me over for dinner, I graciously accepted the invitation. We had been getting friendlier with one another, and we both had kids around the same age. It was the first time I had been at her house, and I fell in love with her decorating style as soon as I saw it. She took me on a tour, and her dining room was my favorite by far. I asked about the glass that she had on her table, and she told me that she had contacted a mirror installer in Brooklyn about refinishing an antique mirror she had, and she ended up getting more than just that done.

She showed me the mirror, and it is definitely gorgeous, but I really liked the idea of the glass tabletop on her dining room table. It is obvious without even knowing much about furniture that the table is very expensive, but she didn’t want to stop her kids from being kids at the dinner table. That is why she got the glass tabletop, and I knew that I was going to get the same for my own home.

She gave me the information for the company that custom made the tabletop for her, and I went to their website to see what else they do. I ended up doing the same thing that she did. I went there for one reason, but I ended up ordering glass shelves as well after seeing how elegant they look. They were able to have both orders done quickly, and it has made such a difference at home. It feels great not having to tell the kids to be careful at the table, and I think they are enjoying their new freedom too. It looks much better, and it has made all of us a lot more relaxed at home too!

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