A Driver Makes All the Difference

When the principal at my school asked me for help in arranging a surprise field trip for some of our students, I was both pleased as well as honored. I knew that I was being asked because of my attention to detail, and I was happy that I could help plan something that the students would really enjoy a good bit. Most of the details were already in place, but I did have to find reliable transportation. I did an online search for coach hire, and I took my time looking over a few of the companies that appeared first in my results.

Though I did look at each one in detail, there was only one that really stood out for me. While all of the companies had nice vehicles, only one had pictures and details on each one of them. They also had great prices, and I liked that they had coaches that would transport small groups of 10 or less to large groups of over 100. Even with these impressive facts, it was not even those things that swayed me toward this company. What really made up my mind was reading all of the positive reviews from other schools that used the same coach company.

While all the sites had reviews that were anywhere from decent to great, this one actually had reviews that talked about more than just the coaches. This one had so many reviews on the actual drivers, and that is what made my decision for me. The drivers are all trained professionals who put the safety of their passengers above all else, but they do it in a very courteous and friendly way that endears everyone riding their coach. After we returned from our own trip, I can see why the reviewers rated the drivers so highly!

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