How We Have Our Council Meetings Streamed Live on the Internet and Broadcast on a Local Cable Access Channel

We broadcast our monthly council meetings over a local cable television channel. It is part of our compliance to the Sunshine laws that were established years ago. We live stream and archive our meetings on our website too. This keeps everyone honest as every word, gesture and even eye roll can be caught on camera. Our system for recording only requires one operator. We used a company that does audio installation in southern California to come out and upgrade our entire system.

The first thing to upgrade was our old manual camera system that actually recorded on tape. We would then send it to the TV station for a later broadcast. Now we just have the meetings broadcast live on the cable access channel for our area. It is easy to do and no hassle at all. The website streaming and archiving is also automated. No one needs any particular expertise to run the system. We do use someone who is talented with camera work to make each meeting look its best. We have one camera operator that can remotely operate the system. Continue reading

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I Needed to Keep Better Records

When I used to pay whoever did freelance work for me, I would simply write them a check and give them a handwritten receipt with it. I did not have that many freelancers helping me at any given time, and this method always worked. That is, until it didn’t. When someone threatened to sue me because they were trying to scam me, I knew I had to keep better records. I was talking with my sister about it, and she told me to look at this site that she had heard about.

She gave me the website address, and I liked what I saw as soon as I went there. The reason I had never involved accountants in my work before was because I felt they wanted to overcharge me for what I needed. Continue reading

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I Want to Play Blackjack Online

One of my favorite childhood memories was going to my grandfather’s house with my family. Sometimes we would just stay for the day, and other times we would stay all weekend. When we would do the latter, my grandfather would set up a Blackjack table, which was really just the kitchen table, and teach us kids how to play. To this day, I still enjoy a good game of Blackjack, and I am really good at it too thanks to my grandfather’s tips and tricks. I wanted to find the best Blackjack games online not that long ago when I realized that I was going to be stuck at home for a few weeks after a bad wreck.

I had broken my left leg in multiple places, and the doctor urged me to be on complete bed rest, or at least as much as I could possibly tolerate. Continue reading

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You Really Can Get a Wet Basement Fixed

Our house was originally built in the 1980s. There was a problem with the foundation that was developing. Over the years water began to migrate into the concrete block. Then it started to get into the basement. I saw a trickle of water at a loose mortar joint after a rainstorm, and I plucked out the little piece of broken mortar. Well, water began to pour like a small fountain into the basement. Fortunately, there is a concrete floor and a drain. I got online looking at Stratum foundation repair reviews to see how they helped others fix a bad foundation.

We had to have that one wall completely replaced including the footer. Continue reading

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Teaching My Daughter’s Canary to Sing

I bought a canary from the pet store for my daughter because she really wanted to have one as a pet. When we got the canary home, my daughter pointed something out to me that I didn’t notice at the pet store, and that was that the canary wasn’t singing. We tried to sing to it in the hopes that it would sing back, but that didn’t work. I talked to the pet store owner and found out that some of the canaries haven’t been trained to sing yet, but I could use a canary singing mp3 to teach the bird to sing on my own.

I purchased a two disc CD set of songs for the canary to listen to and mimic. Canaries learn how to sing by mimicking other adult canaries. The ones who don’t know how to sing are usually the ones that haven’t had an opportunity to learn because they’ve been separated. It’s amazing how a canary can perfectly mimic what it hears from others of the same species. Continue reading

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Working on a Small Side Project

The job I am taking on is not nearly so complicated as to need a real engineer, but it is definitely something where you need to do your homework and make sure that you know how to do a few things as well as an engineer would do them. The big thing that I am looking at now is an anchor bolt design spreadsheet since it is vitally important that the structure is sound and able to withstand the wind. In essence it is nothing more than an open shelter, but that is not going to matter when a really strong wind comes along. In fact it is going to be a lot more exposed to the wind than a normal structure, the wind is going to be able to get beneath it and lift it up. Continue reading

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Aid Organizations Around the World

For a college course, our professor required us to find an organization in a foreign country that works toward making the lives of its people better. He challenged us to go beyond the usual places that are heard about on the news or on travel channels. We also had to contact the person in charge of the organization to find out more about it, and if we were willing to do so, we could donate to this organization. I read an article about the Taraba State Governor earlier that week, and remembered that Barr. Anna Darius Ishaku, his wife, was in charge of the kind of organization that was needed for the assignment.

I found the contact information for Mrs. Continue reading

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A Driver Makes All the Difference

When the principal at my school asked me for help in arranging a surprise field trip for some of our students, I was both pleased as well as honored. I knew that I was being asked because of my attention to detail, and I was happy that I could help plan something that the students would really enjoy a good bit. Most of the details were already in place, but I did have to find reliable transportation. I did an online search for coach hire, and I took my time looking over a few of the companies that appeared first in my results.

Though I did look at each one in detail, there was only one that really stood out for me. Continue reading

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Started a Shop Near Fort Hood

I just got started planning my latest venture and I am trying to figure out how practical it shall be. For starters this is something which is going to use processes which will be electrical power intensive. So I have been looking at the Killeen electricity rates since Fort Hood is a very good location for this business. The power bill for this venture is probably going to run around a thousand dollars a month, which is a big deal to any person. Of course in this as in a lot of other things, that is like the price of admission. Continue reading

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Researching the Different Energy Companies

I may not know a lot about how energy works, but I do know how to save money for the energy that comes into my home. I live in Texas, which means that our energy providers are not regulated like it is in so many other areas in the United States. That means I have choices, and I don’t take that lightly. To some, it might not be a big deal on which energy company they will use, but it does to me. That is why I researched all the different Killeen energy companies that provide energy to my home.

I know that for the most part, they are similar. But, it is the ways that they are not similar that I am most interested in. Continue reading

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It’s a Family Affair at the Hair Spa

I grew up in a very poor family. My mother would cut our hair and she even made some of our clothes. We always had enough to eat, but that is because my folks learned how to be frugal. I knew that I was going to work hard so I didn’t have to always live in poverty, and that is just what I did. I went to school and got a degree in business, then I landed a great job. I have to look good for work, which is another reason I use an exclusive hair spa in singapore.

I know I could get a hair cut and style for less money, but I also know it will not look as good as what I get when I am at Team Salon. The stylists there are the cream of the crop, which is evident by the work that they do. Continue reading

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The Best DVR System is Provided by Direct TV Equipment

There is some really nice direct tv equipment that blows cable out of the water. The new receiver boxes use what is called SWIM technology. You only need one main receiver to be able to do a mix of having five TVs or recording five shows. How it works is really simple. You have one main box and then tiny boxes at each other TV wired at the house. The main box has the computer hard drive for holding all of the shows. It has five TV tuners. That mean it can either be recording or broadcasting TV channels to up to five TV sets at one time.

If you have three televisions, you can be recording two shows live if the three televisions are actively watching shows. Continue reading

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I Hate to Watch Commercials

I was watching a lot of my television programming online, but it was just not convenient for me. I admit that I am spoiled in the way that I like to watch TV, and that includes not watching commercials. The downfall to watching most programming online is that you have to watch endless commercials too, and it was frustrating for me. I decided to see just how much it would cost to get DirecTV, and I went to a site that has all of the details on their different packages.

I knew that I would not need one that had a ton of channels, because I don’t really watch that many different channels. I know a lot of my friends would not be able to do with anything less than the Ultimate Package, but I didn’t need anything that extreme. Continue reading

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A Great Time in Singapore

I had a great time on my trip in Singapore a few months ago. The first step to having a great time was finding somewhere to live during my stay. I looked online and found an affordable apartment at The apartment was fully decked out and looked pretty nice. Once I moved in, I got familiar with all of the popular places around Singapore. There were some areas where a lot of tourists and foreigners commonly visited, so I went there first. The other visitors would be able to show me more places to visit.

After going to the areas popular among foreigners, I looked at some of the other areas more popular among local people. Continue reading

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Finding a Great Endodontist for Us and the Kids

With the new healthcare options open to so many more people in the Unites States it makes it great for people who never had or do not have health insurance. The really neat thing is that you can often add on a dental policy for a low monthly premium. This is absolutely great for everyone, especially parents. With our new dental plan we were searching for a dental doctor that provided endodontic services. I searched for more information about dental professionals that provide endodontic services. This is more than just basic dentistry.

Dental care is crucially important. It can mean the difference between having a mouth full of healthy teeth or ending up with dentures. This starts in childhood, and this is where expense is a concern. If you had braces and your spouse had braces as a child, it is likely that your children will need them too. Now imagine paying full price for four children who need braces. This is the boat we found ourselves in. We wanted to find an endodontic professional that would take our new insurance and who had a great rapport with children. Continue reading

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We Want to Feel Safe

When my husband was honorably discharged from the military, we knew that we wanted to move to North Carolina. It is where we both grew up, and our families were still there for the most part. We had not lived there for nearly 20 years, so a lot had changed in the those two decades. We found the perfect house, but it was no longer in the perfect neighborhood. To be fair, with crime rates skyrocketing everywhere, that is an oxymoron now. We were not concerned though because we had looked up North Carolina ADT to find out how much it would cost to have our new home equipped with a state of the art security system. Continue reading

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The Wedding May Be Over, but the Photos Are Everlasting

My daughter got married to her long-time boyfriend of five years. Her father and myself really enjoy the person she chose to marry. They first got together when they were teenagers, so we did not pay much attention to the relationship, other than to notice that he seemed like a decent guy. But he’s grown into a fine person who treats our daughter very well. I planned to do most of the help with paying for the wedding, along with helping my daughter pick out a cake, getting her dress, finding the right wedding photographers in Croydon, Surrey and everything else that comes with getting everything together and organized.

After helping her to pick out a wedding location, choosing the date for the big day and sending out invitations to all our family and friends, I told my daughter it would be a good idea for her to go online and look at photography pages for weddings to see what style of photos she would like. The examples she showed me from so many websites were absolutely amazing. I must say that wedding pictures have really come a long way in the past ten years or so! They are very creative and unique now.

She decided that she would like to have a mix of color and black and white photos taken outdoors and inside the church where the event would take place. We did some calling around to find out pricing and settled on a working with a business that offered us a very nice price quote. They promised to send out two photographers on the big day. The first would be the main photographer, and the second person would be an assistant. They showed up on time and they blended in well with all of our guests to get some great snaps that we would have never thought to get on our own. The photos turned out lovely in the end.

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Best Photographers for a Wedding

I don’t know why I haven’t taken this more seriously until just now, but I have a wedding that is coming up in the near future, and I need to try to get everything arranged as soon as possible. It is kind of hard to get a grasp of everything that needs to be done, because it is a big event. I am kind of overwhelmed. But I just went to to try to see if this is the right company to hire to take the photographs for the wedding. I hope that it will be, because I do not exactly have a whole lot of time to devote to finding someone else to do the job.

I was trying to get my cousin to do the wedding photos for free, but she would not and wanted some money, and then we got into this argument, and it was kind of messy. But anyway, now she is not even coming to the wedding, and that is kind of sad, but it is not something that I really have time to worry about at the moment.

I am going to focus all of my attentions on finishing the preparations for the wedding. I have taken the day off from work and so I think that I will be able to get a lot done today. At least, that is my hope. If not then today will be a bit of a failure, and that is not what I want to happen, so I will do everything in my power to make sure that it is not what happens to me. But anyway, I think that I have probably waited too long, so I need to ask some other people to help me out and to get this all taken care of.

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Videos Made Easier with Selfie Sticks

My husband and I used to spend a lot of time helping each other make videos that we would post online, either on our website or on our personal social media sites. Sometimes, the videos would be for the business that we run together. Other times, the videos would be something silly we would do for our family and friends. When my husband decided to go on the road for a few weeks, I decided to get him a selfie stick so he would be able to continue making the videos that we had all come to enjoy.

When he is home, I am always able to help him with the videos. Continue reading

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The Up and Coming Spanish Artists

Reisenett: Maps of the United StatesThe Hispanic population of the United States is higher now than ever before, and it is only predicated to get larger and larger every year. Due to the exploding population, many Hispanics feel that their culture should be featured more often in mainstream media and entertainment.

As a result, many people have taken the lack of entertainment to a new level; they are using the internet to reach the millions of Hispanics living in the United States. It is important for the Hispanic community to log online and search for the sites that will give them the most up to date information and breaking news that relates to their specific culture. There are websites that specify what style of art they are geared to. For example, there is a site that offers coverage for up and coming Spanish artists and writers.

The most talented up and coming artists are interviewed and featured on the website that lists the artists’ most recent work, what type of art they design, and where their next art shows will be. Many young and aspiring artists like to have press on this type of website because it exposes them to an entirely new group of fans who they would not have been able to previously reach before the website began.

Writers like to provide the site with an excerpt from their most recent piece so readers will be encouraged to go out and purchase the entire book or article. Sometimes, the writers on the website are young writers who are looking to get picked up by a major publication so they can get a fresh start into the professional writing and journalism career paths.

Again, the website allows those people who would like to be kept abreast of their culture’s next generation of budding artists that they can support.

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