Learning About All the Cool New Limos Available to Rent Today

Some people do not know what is available in limos today. There have been some big changes. Probably most people think of your standard stretch limousine when they think about renting a limo. However, there are all kinds of limos available now. Some of them are quirky, such as giant pink limousines. Some are huge! These are the party bus models. Think bus with a little bit of RV and a whole lot of style thrown in to make a fun vehicle for a lot of people. Plus, you can stand up in them. An ED.TED limousine lesson shows some examples of the different limos you can get today. Continue reading

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It Was Time for a Change Away from My Traditional Purchases

Something changde with the cigarettes that I purchased for over 20 years. They taste different to me now. It’s not a taste that I like either. Frustrated, I tried a few other brands and simply didn’t like them in the first place. So, I decided to look for the best herbal smoking blend that I could find instead. I figured that there is no other choice, and I am open to new things as long as I find them to be pleasing. I had never tried one before, but because I had been smoking for 20 years, I knew that I needed to find a replacement quickly.

I briefly wondered if I would need to stop smoking altogether. But I also knew that I wasn’t ready to quit cold turkey. I’ve tried that before and it was pretty unpleasant. Continue reading

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What Can I Say It Really Works!

To say I was skeptical about vaginal bleaching cream would be an understatement. No one likes to talk about this stuff, but I definitely had a problem. I think it is largely due to age. I remember when I was much younger that my coloration in my private areas didn’t stand out. In fact, it wasn’t even something I thought about. I know my friends and I never talked about it, not until we got much older and even then it’s not something you talk about out in public. It’s too embarrassing and we would laugh too much.

Once you get older and you are in a relationship or dating, however, stuff like this matters. You don’t want your partner to look at your privates and wonder whether you’re just discolored or dirty. Continue reading

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Working out in the Comfort of Your Home

When looking to lose weight or stay in shape, it is more and more customary for people to look for at home solutions for workout options. With busy work schedules and demands with family time, it can be hard to figure out having enough time to get to the gym and get in a good workout. Buying equipment for the home can be a great option for those with space. Either machines or home gyms like the Bowflex PR1000 give you the chance to achieve a full body workout in the comfort of your own home.

This poses a wonderful option for those on the go looking for options to stay in shape. One of the main things people are looking forthese days are more than just one workout. They want to get cardio, but also want to use weights sometimes. Continue reading

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Elite Training Gave Me Confidence and Skills

I knew I would never be able to compete in the Olympics, but that did not mean I still did not want to be the very best that I can be. I do love to ski, and I have placed quite well in states and nationals, but there were just too many people who were better, quicker, and more athletic than me. When I heard one of those talking about an elite speed sports performance training program she had been in that really helped her a lot, I knew that it was something I was going to research for myself.

I asked her the name of the coach she used, and she gladly gave it to me. Some people might think that it would be against her competitive nature to give me a heads up on something that can make me a better skier, but it was actually in her best interest. See, anyone who competes does not want to knock the competition down. Continue reading

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It’s All in the Mind

Art can be interpreted a number of ways. Depending on who you ask, as person may see something that is completely radical when compared to what most people perceive. Multiple interpretations are even present in sculptures. I make sculptures out of copper, and people always come up with crazy idea as to what the sculptures could be. I always stay up to date on the scrap copper prices per pound because I have to buy the copper to make the sculptures. When the copper prices are at their lowest, I’ll stock up on the metal so I’ll have some in supply when the prices rise again.

My most recent sculpture was made to look like a wolf. Continue reading

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My First Time Ever Seeing a Chiropractor

My doctor asked me how I was feeling, then he asked me again. He knows I am not one to complain, and that I was only in his office because my wife made me go. He told me to talk to him and lay it out there on the line for him to figure out. I told him that my back had been hurting a lot ever since I jarred it really hard when a step broke in one of our outbuildings. He ran tests and told me to go and see a Campbell chiropractor. I had returned to his office to discuss the imaging results, and he told me to go see that chiropractor right away. He knows I would just blow it off and not go, so he had already scheduled the appointment for me. I had to leave his office and go right over. He said he would check, and he really did.

His office was on the phone with the chiropractor when I walked in. They told me that my doc was checking up on me to make sure I actually went. Continue reading

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Helped Me Get Through a Skateboard Accident

The first time I ever visited a chiropractor in Mesa AZ was after I tried to teach my son how to ride a skateboard. Back in the 1970s I was a master at skateboarding. I was better than all my friends, could do all the tricks, and spent probably at least three years going everywhere around my small town on a skateboard. Fast forward a few decades and I hadn’t rode one in years, but thought I still had the magic. My son wanted one so I thought I’d teach him how to do it. That was a huge mistake.

I tried to do a thing where you flip the board while you’re in the air and come down on it and keep going, but the board got away from me and I hit the pavement hard. I hit it so hard that I felt something give in my back and twisted my ankle something fierce. My son was laughing until he noticed I was really hurting and he helped me inside. My wife read me the riot act and really she’s right. I simply shouldn’t have been trying to show off. Nonetheless I needed some help with my back because it really hurt.

We ended up going to a chiropractor because my regular doctor didn’t see that anything was wrong. He thought it might be a pinched nerve that would gradually go away over time. The chiropractor knew better. He said the spill compressed one of my discs and that I needed adjustments to pull the pressure off of my nerves or the pain would never get better. He managed to fix the problem over a series of visits. It took about three before I felt markedly better and five before the pain was pretty much gone. He did a marvelous job.

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Cleaning and Maintaining Furnace in a Crawl Space

After a bit of sticker shock when buying a home in California, my husband and I found we had much to learn about living on the West coast compared to how we had spent the previous 20 years in the Midwest. Coming from a place where we were used to having a full basement where our furnace resided, once we learned that we would only have a crawl space beneath our home, we knew we would need to look at Sacramento HVAC services to help us maintain our heating and air conditioning systems.

I missed the space we had in our old house with a full basement, but honestly, it had just become a giant storage space. Continue reading

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Finding a New Chiropractor in San Jose

I had a good chiropractor when I lived in Southern California, he was recommended to me by a doctor after I got into a car accident. Of course a doctor can not always do very much for you, or at least they can not do much that makes a lot of sense. It is usually nonsense for you to get surgery and the other thing they can do is to give you pain pills. Those create a lot of problems and do not solve any. I need to find the best San Jose chiropractor for my back, which has began to act up again and it is starting to be a real problem. Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Laws Are There to Help Consumers Who Are Having Financial Difficulties

I think people should take advantage of the financial protections afforded them under the law. Sure, sometimes people take advantage of laws, but most folks are decent. Many people I know would not declare bankruptcy unless they had no other choice. The problem with that mindset is that it causes people to drag things out too long before calling a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney to start the road to financial recovery. I do not think that people should wait until their savings and retirement are gone before getting the help bankruptcy can help them with.

You need to call as soon as you become financially insolvent to the degree it is going to last. I’m not talking about falling behind for a month or even a short season. Continue reading

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Servers for a Media Site

I had an idea to make a media hosting site that would rival some of the bigger name ones. Some friends that I met in college in my programming classes helped me to make a rudimentary version of the site and we bought some cheap tower servers to store the media that would be uploaded through the site. As the site would gain more users in the future, I would have to buy more towers to accommodate the additional data that would be uploaded and stored. All of that data would also have to be backed up, just in case something happens.

At first, the site was being tested by my friends and I while we were making it. After we felt that we had a version that was good enough for more people to try, we told our friends and family members to test out the site for us by uploading some media. They used their computers, phones, and cameras to put as much as they could on the servers. There was an initial limit on the size of each file being uploaded to the website, but that changed as more people started using it. Continue reading

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Generic Always Does the Trick

Moving to Australia for a six month job assignment was fun and rewarding, but it also meant I needed to find a source for generic Viagra in Australia. I’m divorced and not looking to get remarried, but I do love spending time with the ladies. Since I’m older with some of the behaviors that cause erectile dysfunction. Such things as lots of anxiety and distress, at least in my case, is the cause of this condition. I’ve got a sick sister that I had to leave behind and both of my parents are older and getting sicker as well. Also my job is a big stress factor. While it’s fun to travel for work, and getting to know different countries is great, the job itself is full of deadlines and stressful situations that cause problems for me down there.

So when I arrived in Canberra, I knew I needed to find a source before I even started going to the local nightclubs and looking for some companionship. I am good to go using the stuff without having to find a doctor, but I wasn’t sure how to go about getting a prescription for it down here. I didn’t even know if I needed a prescription or if you could just go to the local pharmacy and buy it over the counter. In some places you can easily get your hands on it. I wasn’t sure if that was the case in Australia and I didn’t check before arriving.

I asked around, and more importantly looked online, before finding a workable solution to my dilemma. Not only was I able to get the Viagra, more importantly I got the knock off brand. I don’t buy name brand for anything let alone prescription drugs. So I’m set to go and have some fun with my little blue pills!

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How We Have Our Council Meetings Streamed Live on the Internet and Broadcast on a Local Cable Access Channel

We broadcast our monthly council meetings over a local cable television channel. It is part of our compliance to the Sunshine laws that were established years ago. We live stream and archive our meetings on our website too. This keeps everyone honest as every word, gesture and even eye roll can be caught on camera. Our system for recording only requires one operator. We used a company that does audio installation in southern California to come out and upgrade our entire system.

The first thing to upgrade was our old manual camera system that actually recorded on tape. We would then send it to the TV station for a later broadcast. Now we just have the meetings broadcast live on the cable access channel for our area. It is easy to do and no hassle at all. The website streaming and archiving is also automated. No one needs any particular expertise to run the system. We do use someone who is talented with camera work to make each meeting look its best. We have one camera operator that can remotely operate the system. Continue reading

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I Needed to Keep Better Records

When I used to pay whoever did freelance work for me, I would simply write them a check and give them a handwritten receipt with it. I did not have that many freelancers helping me at any given time, and this method always worked. That is, until it didn’t. When someone threatened to sue me because they were trying to scam me, I knew I had to keep better records. I was talking with my sister about it, and she told me to look at this site that she had heard about.

She gave me the website address, and I liked what I saw as soon as I went there. The reason I had never involved accountants in my work before was because I felt they wanted to overcharge me for what I needed. Continue reading

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I Want to Play Blackjack Online

One of my favorite childhood memories was going to my grandfather’s house with my family. Sometimes we would just stay for the day, and other times we would stay all weekend. When we would do the latter, my grandfather would set up a Blackjack table, which was really just the kitchen table, and teach us kids how to play. To this day, I still enjoy a good game of Blackjack, and I am really good at it too thanks to my grandfather’s tips and tricks. I wanted to find the best Blackjack games online not that long ago when I realized that I was going to be stuck at home for a few weeks after a bad wreck.

I had broken my left leg in multiple places, and the doctor urged me to be on complete bed rest, or at least as much as I could possibly tolerate. Continue reading

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You Really Can Get a Wet Basement Fixed

Our house was originally built in the 1980s. There was a problem with the foundation that was developing. Over the years water began to migrate into the concrete block. Then it started to get into the basement. I saw a trickle of water at a loose mortar joint after a rainstorm, and I plucked out the little piece of broken mortar. Well, water began to pour like a small fountain into the basement. Fortunately, there is a concrete floor and a drain. I got online looking at Stratum foundation repair reviews to see how they helped others fix a bad foundation.

We had to have that one wall completely replaced including the footer. Continue reading

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Teaching My Daughter’s Canary to Sing

I bought a canary from the pet store for my daughter because she really wanted to have one as a pet. When we got the canary home, my daughter pointed something out to me that I didn’t notice at the pet store, and that was that the canary wasn’t singing. We tried to sing to it in the hopes that it would sing back, but that didn’t work. I talked to the pet store owner and found out that some of the canaries haven’t been trained to sing yet, but I could use a canary singing mp3 to teach the bird to sing on my own.

I purchased a two disc CD set of songs for the canary to listen to and mimic. Canaries learn how to sing by mimicking other adult canaries. The ones who don’t know how to sing are usually the ones that haven’t had an opportunity to learn because they’ve been separated. It’s amazing how a canary can perfectly mimic what it hears from others of the same species. Continue reading

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Working on a Small Side Project

The job I am taking on is not nearly so complicated as to need a real engineer, but it is definitely something where you need to do your homework and make sure that you know how to do a few things as well as an engineer would do them. The big thing that I am looking at now is an anchor bolt design spreadsheet since it is vitally important that the structure is sound and able to withstand the wind. In essence it is nothing more than an open shelter, but that is not going to matter when a really strong wind comes along. In fact it is going to be a lot more exposed to the wind than a normal structure, the wind is going to be able to get beneath it and lift it up. Continue reading

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Aid Organizations Around the World

For a college course, our professor required us to find an organization in a foreign country that works toward making the lives of its people better. He challenged us to go beyond the usual places that are heard about on the news or on travel channels. We also had to contact the person in charge of the organization to find out more about it, and if we were willing to do so, we could donate to this organization. I read an article about the Taraba State Governor earlier that week, and remembered that Barr. Anna Darius Ishaku, his wife, was in charge of the kind of organization that was needed for the assignment.

I found the contact information for Mrs. Continue reading

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