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My Husband Gave Me a Nice Little Nudge in the Right Direction

My husband has always been a bit clueless when it comes to keeping things to himself. He says what he feels, and that’s what he did on the day that he pointed out the age lines that have appeared on my face. I quickly found an aesthetic and laser clinic for Singapore locals because I knew that not doing something to help my skin would have caused him to go on and on about me being too young to have lines or wrinkles yet. Don’t feel sorry for me because there’s no need for that. He just believes in looking your best, and I have been really lazy about that. He always does what he can to look good for me, and I have been far too lax about doing the same for him.

Neither myself or my husband cares much about brand names or being super wealthy. We have, however, worked hard to make sure that there’s nothing that we will ever need to struggle to pay for. We buy nice clothes, but name brands are not something we care about. We both dye our hair to keep the grey hair away, but we do not spend hundreds of dollars for just one hair appointment. Continue reading

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I Did Not Want to Clean My Apartment

There was a clause in my rental agreement that I had to have my apartment cleaned before I move out. I had no problem with that, because it was in excellent shape when I moved in. I came in fully expecting to have to clean out the cupboards and shampoo the carpets, but everything looked great in the apartment. That is why I did not mind having to do post tenancy cleaning in Singapore, because the next person who lives where I called home for the last few years deserves to have a nice place to walk into for the first time too.

I already knew that I was not going to do the cleaning myself. Continue reading

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Getting Help for a Student with Potential

I brought Physics tuition into the picture recently in order to help a troubled student in one of my classes reach his full potential. I’ve done this before when I notice someone who is bright and a hard worker struggle mightily with the material. Make no mistake about it: Physics is a tough field. Many people fear the class and they’re right to do so. I don’t pull any punches teaching the material and students who don’t work hard will not pass them. I see it as preparing them for life because life is not a series of easily passed tests.

Still, I understand my teaching style doesn’t mesh well with everyone, even very smart individuals. Many teachers just shrug and let their kids sink or swim and then move on to the next year of classes. Continue reading

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