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My Husband Found a Great Apartment for Us

I would have never considered myself a tad bit spoiled until my husband told me he wanted me to look at an apartment in Charlotte. We are going to be moving there at the end of the year, which gave me plenty of time to look at different houses there. When he told me to look at the website for an luxury apartment complex that will be completed right before we move there, I honestly could not picture myself living in one. My mom and I had lived in a so-called luxury apartment when I was in high school, and I honestly did not want to repeat that experience.

When he asked me to at least look at the website and if I did not like what I saw, then he would agree to getting a house there, I decided to humor him. I am actually the one who was surprised though by my reaction to it, because he obviously knew that I was really going to like what I saw there. Continue reading

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Affordable Apartment Living for a Student

Finding apartments for rent in Kingsport Tennessee proved far more difficult than I thought when I first started seriously looking into moving out of my parents home. I’m enrolled in a branch campus of Milligan College here in Kingsport, and really I could have just spent the next few years living at home rent free, but I felt it was important to strike out on my own. Also my mother and father have a tendency to helicopter parent and I really wanted to get away from that situation. So I had to find a place that was affordable.

I also have a cat and there was no possibility that I would leave her behind so I needed living arrangements that allowed for pets. That proved more of a challenge than anything. Continue reading

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It Feels Good to Finally Be Home

I had been trying to find a nice family home for nearly two months before I admitted defeat. I was not giving up on finding the home that I wanted, but I was finally ready to admit that I could not do it on my own. I did have a lot of fun looking at houses, but I was also growing tired of looking at houses that did not match what I wanted at all. I had seen an advertisement for luxury homes in the Denver area, with a click here for website tag on it.

I did click on the link, and I was taken to the website of Douglas Kerbs, a realtor who deals in luxury homes. I looked through the listings on his site, and I was impressed with what I saw. I did not see anything that I wanted though, even with how nice they were. I wanted something that was a bit more right on the outskirts of Denver, mainly because I did not want to have to deal with city traffic every day. Continue reading

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How Fixing a Smile Brought the Best out in a Teenage Girl

We have neighbors who work very hard and still need help with things. They have a young daughter who is a beautiful person. She watches our dogs for us when we go away, and her mom and dad are close to us as friends. One thing that often happens when you are struggling to make ends meet is being able to afford dental work. They did not have insurance, so we contacted a cosmetic dentist in Aurora for the daughter when she mentioned once about not liking her teeth. We were at our house when a toothpaste commercial came on and the model had perfect teeth. The girl said how she hides her smile so people do not see her teeth. She needed braces.

We spoke to the parents, and it was a sensitive topic. Continue reading

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I Wonder if This Makes Sense

I am not really sure whether or not this thing makes a lot of sense for me in the long haul, but I have really been able to get a good bit of work. It was simple and plain luck really. I was in the park playing a game of three on three basketball when this guy gave me his business card. He was looking for someone to pose for some picture, shirtless actually, to sell this supplement. It turned out to be easy money. If you go to this website then you can learn about the dentist that I am talking to right now, although it is not really my idea. Continue reading

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